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"Brick walls are there for a reason. They are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop people who don't want it badly enough."

RIP Randy Pausch
Jeff Redmond Snow

New attendance award level

I got my 1000th bridge masterpoint last night, granting the title "Silver Life Master". At my current rate it will be many years before I hit the next threshold. My only real remaining masterpoint goal is to never become a Platinum Life Master.
Jeff Redmond Snow

Interesting bridge scores from last night's club game

On one hand last night declarer got the best possible trump break. Unfortunately for him that meant 4-4. Combined with a misunderstood SOS redouble, we collected 2800, my highest score to date.

On the last round we collected 650 twice. Normally this wouldn't be notable, but we were white both times. Five of a major doubled making and 3NT doubled with an overtrick. If only we'd defended something down 13 on the other board in the set.
Jeff Redmond Snow

Know your opponents

I had a mildly interesting suit combination Tuesday evening:


I played the ace first, dropping the jack on my left. Is it correct to hook the 9?

This may seem like a restricted choice situation, but it's not. Well, it's not if your opponents are competent. Because a competent defender should play an honor from J10x on the A.

After thinking for a bit I correctly took the hook. In some sense this is an insult to the defender. Luckily if you judged them correctly they won't realize it. Of course if you judged them incorrectly they may laugh at you. :)

If you don't know what restricted choice is, it's the idea that in general it's more likely someone played a card because they had to, not because they chose to. So in this situation it's more likely they had to play the J from stiff J than that they chose to play it from J10. But if they might have also played it from J10x the calculation no longer works.

Edit: As pointed out below this analysis isn't right. Pretend it's K9x instead of K9xx.
Jeff Redmond Snow

New York Times Crossword

Our local paper prints the New York Times crossword. Like all papers that syndicate the crossword, it's actually a six-week old crossword. Normally this doesn't matter, but this morning I realized the only way to make the puzzle make sense was if certain boxes had the entire word "TRICK" in them if read one direction and the entire word "TREAT" if read the other. Quite a clever trick (or is that treat?), and it would have been even more so had I worked it exactly six weeks ago when the NY Times first published it.
Jeff Redmond Snow

(no subject)

Feel free to comment on the earlier auction if you think there's a mistake there. All of these are MPs playing 2/1.

1. NV vs. V, 1st
K10854 A1093 QJ Q10
1S - 2D; 2H - 3D; ?

2. V vs. NV, 1st
107532 Q8 2 A8543
P (P) 1C (1NT); ?

3. V vs. NV, 2nd
Q4 K1097652 Q93 Q
(P) P (2H) 3NT; (P) ?

4. NV vs. V, 2nd
KQ865 K K985 KJ3
(1H) 1S (4H) P; (P) ?

5. V vs. V, 1st
A52 KQ54 KQ832 Q
1D - 1H; ?

6. NV vs. NV, 4th
65 K76 AKJ65 1075
1C - 1D; 1NT - ?

(Edited to try to make the auctions clearer.)
Jeff Redmond Snow

(no subject)

At some point I stopped reading the Wheel of Time series even though I enjoyed the early books immensely. The later books weren't as good, and as the series got longer and longer at some point I decided I was only interested in reading the rest if I could be sure that there was an ending. It brings me no pleasure to discover today that my worry was correct, as the Wheel of Time series will not be completed, at least not by its original author. RIP Robert Jordan.